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A new canon, for the love of WoW!

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the website for the World of Warcraft Alternate Continuity Project!

We are a group of roleplayers who love the rich and varied lore of the Warcraft universe, but over time have grown discontent with the way Blizzard has degraded its own story in the pursuit of profit.  Bit by bit, the details of what could have been an amazing world have given place to pop-culture references, bigger flashing lights and shinies, and Excuse Plots that do nothing but justify irrational actions and remind us of how awesome the developers' pet characters are.

Finally, we began to wonder what, exactly, the World of Warcraft would look like if plots went somewhere reasonable, quest chains that were available were actually carried out, and Blizzard's own previously-approved lore was followed instead of being ignored.

Thus, the WoW AltCont Project was born.  A group of roleplayers from Moon Guard created new characters on the Kirin Tor realm, formed a guild for this project, and came together to establish a solid "alternative canon" that would support a serious RP community.  We set the clock back five game-years--to the beginning of Classic World of Warcraft--and started fresh, hoping to forge a new story that would be friendly to RP and able to stand with some of the great works of fantasy literature.

Interested in learning more?  Please visit our forums to find out how we operate our RP, and our library to see what changes have already taken place in Warcraft history!

Interested in joining?  Then please submit an application through this website, and we'll be happy to help you find a new and exciting role in this amazing World of Warcraft!
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Kirin Tor (RP)
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We welcome any character that fits within the current list of available race/class combinations (posted on our forum). Exclusions are explained therein.
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